Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jonas and Allie go swimming.

Yesterday was Jonas's first swimming lesson.

Jeff and I are not really into swimming/hot-tubbing/water sports/putting on swimsuits so Jonas and Penny have had limited exposure to being in the water. I think Jonas's first time swimming was back in Escondido and it was with our dear friend Amanda at her parents' place. (Hi, Peets!!!) The second time he was in a pool was when we went to Hawaii last summer. And then when we were in Fresno in May, he went skinny dipping in the pool at the hotel.

3 times. In a pool. EVER. (Yes, we are bad, lazy parents.)

Anyway. When Allie's mom told me about a great deal through Plum District for swimming lessons at Aquatech, we jumped on it. Especially because it's literally a mile from our house and because he could take classes with his buddy/future-prom-date, Allie.

When we arrived, Jonas seemed really nervous; he actually didn't want to let go of my hand! Allie was super happy and talkative before they got in the pool. 

When they got in the pool, Jonas actually did well!

The teachers at Aquatech are awesome. Just the fact that they got Jonas to wear the goggles means that they have special magic powers. 

Allie, on the other hand, wasn't so excited about being in the water... :(

She literally held on to the teacher the entire time. Though, at one point, Jonas was grabbing his hair for support. Poor swimming teacher...

All in all, it was great. Jonas seemed to have fun. Allie didn't have fun in the water, but seemed to enjoy the part before and after the swimming portion. And, the moms got to watch all the action from behind a glass window. It was quite amusing. :)


clara hah said...

jonas hi5'd. LOVE.

Susie K said...

So love that you took pics and videos! Please give me copies. :) Funny that you could hear Izzy fussing in the background. Can't wait for the next class!

Anonymous said...

I think you are right! I did take him in for the first time! I miss you guys so very much, in fact I couldn't take your christmas card down. Yay for Jonas.
Love, Amanda