Monday, July 02, 2012


We're going to have visitors this week!

Yes, I totally just stole these from my sister's blog. :)

Karen, Dave, Nora and Alice are coming to Alameda on Thursday! I am really excited to see them and Jeff cannot wait to meet/hold/snuggle/hog Baby Alice. It's crazy that Penny isn't the baby of the family now...

I'm thinking that we'll eat, talk, laugh, play hearts, NOT watch tv (sorry Chaes, we don't have a tv!), play with the kids, go out to SF, walk to the beach, eat dim sum, hopefully find things to do that don't require us to drive because there's NO WAY we'd all fit into one car. It'll be like super fun summer camp, but with 4 kids which may or may not make things more fun.

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