Tuesday, June 12, 2012

we made a table (aka my third baby).

I don't hate moving.

In fact, there are some things that I actually like about moving. I love going through all of our stuff, purging and cleaning out the things we don't need, and selling stuff. And, I really enjoy getting new pieces of furniture. (I'm quite fickle in my furniture taste/decor style.)

We got rid of a LOT of stuff as we prepared to move to Alameda: our bed (it was broken), two couches (we got a new one), shelves, tv, coffee table, etc. etc. One of the things that we were really sad to let go of was our new-to-us West Elm dining table and benches. I decided that it was too heavy and dark for our new place (I really wanted to buy things that would brighten up our ground-level apartment) and sold them right before we moved (and made a profit!) 

I really wanted a simple, kind of rustic, kind of modern, kind of industrial dining table. I was looking for ones like this (but not so dark) and this but on a very, VERY limited budget. I scoured craigslist and thrift stores and furniture consignment stores... and almost found what I was looking for but nothing was quite right. 

I did some internet research and found this tutorial and felt inspired. I did some more research and found an even more detailed tutorial and Jeff and I decided to give it a go...

Little did I know that I knew very little about building a dining table. 

It all started with a trip to Home Depot. I thought I was buying 3 pieces of beautiful red oak for $7.50 a piece. Turned out I was buying 3, 7-foot pieces at $7.50 per FOOT. Yes. I thought I was going to spend $24 and ended up spending almost $160 on the wood for the tabletop. 

But we got through that, got our $10 table legs at Ikea, and got to work...

(Jeff was really excited, can't you tell?)

All was going well until we lifted the table after glueing and drilling on the pieces to hold it together on the back. Apparently, I used too much glue and it seeped through a LOT.

It dried up like the picture above and I had to scrape/chisel it off. With a cheese knife. Yes. That was not fun and we were just about ready to give up. But 3 hours and 3 scraped knuckles later, it looked ok and we pressed on...

And, TA-DA!

We LOVE IT. Seriously. I feel like this table is my third child. It was that much blood, sweat and tears to get it finished.

If you're thinking of making your own dining table, I say go for it. Just go easy on the glue, plan to have an outside-ish space to work on it (I was high from the polyurethane fumes for a whole day!), and DON'T BUY RED OAK! 

Now I'm thinking of making a little desk for myself... :)


I'm hoping to blog more of our new place soon. Working on getting things on the walls, making curtains, buying some last pieces of furniture, making it feel like home. So far, we love Alameda! More on that to come soon too...

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