Monday, June 25, 2012


I need to get back in the groove of blogging. We're still trying to figure out a daily/weekly rhythm to life here in Alameda. I just got back from Florida and started my new summer job today... so while we're pretty much settled here and things are shaping up around the house (have to put up stuff on the walls, hang curtains), it feels like new things come up and life is always busy and changing. All good stuff though! 

So, all that to say, I'm going to give updates on our life here in bullet points and random pictures:
  • Penny is talking more. Words include change diaper, tunnel/bridge (she gets them confused), Jonas, uh-huh, pigeon, watch, smoothie and other random words I can't remember right now.
  • Jonas has ruined his perfect complexion/skin with scratches and scabs and scars. Ok, not that dramatic and really not that big of a deal but he's been scratching at his face while falling asleep (see photo below) and it DRIVES.ME.CRAZY. It's hard to make him stop because he does it when he's falling asleep in his bed.
  • Jeff got a bike! Now he needs to learn to ride it. (More posts on that to come.)
  • I went to Florida for the Gospel Coalition's Women's Conference. It was awesome. DA Carson, Kellers (Tim and Kathy), John Piper, Harry Potter.  Almost went to Red Lobster. :(
  • I started a new job today. I'll be teaching adult ESL in Oakland, working with refugees from Bhutan, Burma, Somalia, Ethiopia. Everyday, Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm, Jeff will be at home with the kids. It'll be interesting... like Freaky Friday. :)
  • Mmmm... we're getting used to the sun and warm weather. See photo of Penny in one layer of clothing below (and if you know me at all, that's a big deal.)
  • Countdown begins now. Jeff says we can get IPhones next April! YAY.

The REAL happiest place on earth. 

This lady was really great. Learned a lot from her. Talks faster than the micro machine guy.


Jane Ng said...

you got a new job??? congrats!!! how exciting :)

tkc said...

Yey! You got a job! Let's meet up for lunch sometime. I got pickup from kamakura today. Have you guys tried it? Not bad. It's good that you're teaching them English. We get lots of refugees at our clinic -getting glasses so they can study and learn English. Horay!
oh yeah. this is yOung... using Tim's laptop.. checking his emails to make sure he's not doing anything stupid.