Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Jonas! (late, I know.)

Jonas, a simple boy with simple wants.

I've been swamped with moving and unpacking and settling in. So much so that this year, I had to let go of one of my favorite things to do: throwing my kids birthday parties. :(

Jonas didn't mind though. In fact, when I asked him what he wanted to do for this birthday on the day before, he said, "I don't want a birthday party. I already had a party. Remember umma? At the restaurant?"

So, this year, as Jonas turned 4 (!!!!), we went out for birthday breakfast pancakes, took a Target trip so that he could pick out a toy of choice, had mac-n-cheese for lunch, and Jeff took Jonas out for burgers and shakes for a birthday daddy-date. We ended the day with chocolate ice cream.

And our little-big boy was happy.



You wake up each morning, singing some obscure pop song that your music-snob daddy has taught you to love. You give the biggest hugs and smiles and when you say "Good morning Umma! Good morning Daddy!", it really is a good morning. You are a beat-boxer, almost as good as Biz, and there's always a song in your head; we know because you're constantly buzzing and humming with melodies. You are the most enthusiastic person we know; a yes is never just a yes, it's usually a wholehearted "Sure!" or "You're right!" You love Penny and she loves you, we know this from the ways you guys share secret laughs and giggles over secret jokes that parents aren't supposed to be in on. You are a monster at eating sweets, though thankfully, you'll still eat vegetables without complaint. You love to read and Frog and Toad and Babar and George and Little Bear are your dearest friends. You love to love, sometimes so much so, that I worry about your heart being broken in the future by some mindless cruel girl who won't see how awesome and amazing you really are. But that's ok, because God knows and I can't keep you in a umma-shaped bubble forever. You surprise us everyday, in good ways and bad. You give us loads of joy and teach us endless lessons on being patient and gracious. You are our favorite boy and now you are 4, officially no longer a toddler... (no more T's in your clothing sizes!!!!)

We love you Jonas Clayton!

(Stop growing up so fast, please?)


Claire j. said...

Yay Jonas is 4! Glad he had fun!

Karen said...

awwww....we miss him!
how can i entice to talk to me on facetime more?

Christy said...

um, this post just made me tear up. aaaahhh i miss you guys!! happy birthday, jonaaaaassss!!