Tuesday, May 01, 2012

vacation part 2

After Mt. Shasta, we got back in the car to drive up Portland.

Penny was less excited about this leg of the trip...

But we made it and our first stop was at Stumptown to see if it would live up to all of it's hype...

... and it didn't. SF has spoiled us when it comes to coffee.

But, we did have some delicious food and ice cream.

Our first night in Portland, we met up with old friends from New York, Harvey and Amy and their beautiful kiddos at a brewpub in the Pearl District. Yummy food and yummy beer (so says Jeff). Afterwards, we dragged our VERY tired children to Salt & Straw for ice cream...

...Honey Balsamic Strawberry! SO GOOD!

We stayed in a small basement apartment we found on airbnb which was in a GREAT location, right off of SE Hawthorne, and was really comfy and cozy. I'm totally sold on the airbnb thing now. So great for finding affordable places to stay in, especially if you have kids and want to have a kitchen and stuff where you're staying.

Our second day in Portland, we went to Slappy Cake's. It's like Korean BBQ but with pancakes! Clever idea, but I think kalbi is better. We got to meet up with one of Jeff's friends from high school and his adorable son, Carson. 

They had chicken fried BACON! With maple syrup sauce!!!

We spent the morning riding the bus and streetcar downtown, perusing Powell's Books (awesome! like Strand in NY but cleaner and super-organized), eating at food carts (fried chicken from Flogene's), and waiting for rain. It never came while we were out! Yay!

(I love stripes.)

We met up with Clara's friends, Stephanie and Mark, Podnah's Pit-- supposedly the best Texas BBQ outside of Texas! It was awesome. So good that I forgot to take pictures of the actual BBQ. Though, I did take a picture of our frito pie...

We headed back south on Friday morning, with Penny's hair in a ponytail, and stopped at the outlet mall in Woodburn on the way down. No sales tax in Oregon! Awesome. :)

(Jeff got some new shirts!)

Portland, we like you a whole lot. 

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