Monday, April 30, 2012

vacation part 1

Last Monday we took off for our first ever, just-the-four-of-us, not-going-to-a-wedding/graduation/holiday event, road-trip family vacation.

We drove up to Dunsmuir, near Mt. Shasta, and stayed at the tiniest (and cheapest!) cabin ever. We ate outside, the kids played in the dirt and rocks, we dipped our feet into the Sacramento River, saw Lake Siskiyou, hiked to waterfalls, read books, rode swings, saw some snow, and listened to new music and books in the car.

(Such awesomely fat, chubby feet!!!)

(This was the map that the resort manager drew for us so that we could find waterfalls. It was quite accurate, but we still got lost.)

We had so much fun that I often forgot to take pictures with our camera. :( We had even more fun on the second half of our trip, so there are even less pictures. I will still put up a post about it later, but don't expect much please. :)

Northern California is beautiful!


clarify said...

oh dear. jonas' pic on the rock is CLASSIC! and that map is hilarious. funnn!

cler said...

Ahhh beautiful! I've been thinking of checking out N. California more but on a budget. I'll definitely holla at you when the time comes.

Vanessa said...

I love the pic of Jonas on the rock a lot too!! Cute!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the kids and the scenary. I'm so glad you guys had a good time but even more glad you are home!
Love Mom

Katherine said...

You could get hired at JC Penney Portrait Studio with that one pic of Jonas. ;) Priceless!!!!