Wednesday, April 04, 2012

la again.

Being in LA was really fun.

I got to meet, hold, snuggle, rock, cuddle, feed, burp, change, love my new niece, baby Alice. She's a tiny little scrunchy-faced bundle of joy.

Penny and Nora got to play play play. They were so cute and fun to watch together. Usually when Jonas is in the mix, Nora just wants to play with her cool older cousin so it was nice for Penny and Nora to get some girl-bonding time. :)

I got to hang out with Karen. We watched tv and laughed at the kids and relaxed. Ok, I probably did more relaxing than she did, even though I was supposed to be helping her. Can I just say that directTV is AWESOME?

But one of the best parts of the weekend was a reunion of sorts. A get-together for old and new friends. A raucous time of eating noodles, drinking boba, talking about babies and catching up, and to-the-death competitions.

(Yoonjin aka "Mom who always makes us eat fruit", Sunny aka "Nicest math major you'll EVER MEET", Me, Rosie aka "Dirty Texan", Janice aka "Spring makes me Crazy!"
Not pictured: Janete aka "Hipster in Louboutins", Connie aka "Being around Kathy just makes me so happy!", and Karen aka "Salt-n-Pepa's here...")

Lynn! We missed you!!!! 


rosie said...

so fun!!! and man, am i still dirty texan??? yeah, i guess i am. sigh.

Lynn Lee said...

just saw this... thanks guys... miss you too! xo, L