Thursday, March 29, 2012

thankful thirty.

Today is my last day being 30.



Feels like just yesterday I going to the mall and loitering with Yoonjin, sitting in super boring SAT classes on Saturday mornings, going thrift store shopping with my sister (wait, I still do that!), feeling so cool that I had a hot-pink Nokia phone in 1999, going to NY for TFA Institute and experiencing humidity for the first time, coming home at 9:30pm after teaching first-graders all day and then having to go to credential classes at night....

Where did all that time go??????

Instead of trying to stop time, I want to share 30 things that I'm thankful for today, on my last day being 30.

1. Penny saying "UMMA!" with so much enthusiasm and excitement, she HAS to think I'm the coolest mommy the world.
2. Living in a place where we can walk to the beach in the mornings.
3. The way that Jonas HAS TO DANCE when he hears a song he likes.
4. That Jonas told me in the car today, "I really don't like Tom Petty. Can we listen to the Beatles please?"
5. Jeff knows just the right balance of doing things that bug me (a little) and are still playful in a good way.
6. Cell phones are awesome. It's so great that we can drive and talk on the phone at the same time.
7. My first cup of coffee in the morning.
8. The way that Penny says "ELMO!" with so much enthusiasm, maybe she thinks ELMO is the coolest person in the world.
9. Striped shirts. Lots of them.
10. Being able to eat hot food and share it with friends...
11. ...friends, who listen, REALLY listen, and help us to figure out life in the way that God wants us to, with faith in his goodness and love.
12. When other people's kids (like Kaitlyn!) think I'm fun and give me smiles.
13. Getting to go see my nieces(!) and sister this weekend...
14. ...and seeing my friends from days when I was sillier, stupider, and skinnier and are STILL friends with me!
15. Gmail chatting with Clara and bugging her at work. Like EVERY DAY. (Sorry Clara.)
16. The feeling that I want to read the Bible. What?! I never felt that way until quite recently.
17. Craigslist.
18. A new, perfectly classic trench coat from my wonderful friends.
19. Fresh daffodils, in a mason jar, all abloom, on our dining table.
20. A candle that makes our living smell like Anthropologie. (Thanks Nick and Katie!)
21. Seeing Jonas in his onesie pajamas, the ones with feet attached, that are obviously too small, but make him still resemble kind of- sort of- a toddler.
22. The way that Jonas and Penny laugh and giggle when they make each other do things that they shouldn't do (like spitting.)
23. That Jeff asked me for a glue stick today... Evidence that he was doing something crafty/scheming for my birthday in his office... :)
24. Hugs. (Today, I am thankful for them. Usually, I'm awkward about them. Must be because I'm turning 31 tomorrow.)
25. Pepperocinis and jalapeƱos. On sandwiches.
26. Watching Penny "read" books by herself.
27. Old friends who eat burritos with us for a last-minute dinner (Thanks Ted!!!)
28. Being able to work through tough things with Jeff, and always ending up at the place where we can say, it's all good. God is in control and has a plan for us. No matter how much we seem to screw things up or get things wrong.
29. Penny kisses on the lips. Very slowly and gently. With great intention.
30. 30 really is the new 20, which means 31 is the new 21, right?

Did you really read all of those???

Me and my silly boy...


Anonymous said...

loitering indeed...thanks for the shout out =). happy early birthday. so thankful for you!

clarify said...

i love 15, 16 and 25! hhahahaha.

happy birthday kathy! love you!

garnet said...

happy birthday, kathy!! <3

Allen said...

Uhh...number 6 = no-no.

But Happy Birthday nevertheless!

Kathy Locke said...

Allen!!!! hahahahahaha..... you crack me up!
With a earpiece of course! :)
(Is that not allowed either?)