Wednesday, March 07, 2012

my little-now-all-grown-up sister

:: She's going to hate me for putting a picture up on my blog. ::

We're only 11 months apart (yes, my mom is crazy). So Karen's never been a real little sister, more like a younger twin who's not really a twin at all...

Everyone says that although we're really different (we don't look that much alike, I'm much nicer and sweeter than she is...), everyone also says that once you've met both of us, you can totally tell that we're sisters.

We laugh at the same (mean) things.

We both like reality television (way too much.)

We love to go thrift store shopping.

We're both teachers. (She copied me.)

We have similar mannerisms. People say it's the way we talk and laugh, but I don't hear it or see it.

And people always ask if we're close, and I tell them, we're not close in the let's-snuggle-together-in-bed-and-spill-secrets kind of way, but we're close in the always-comfortable-honest-can-make-roll-on-the-floor-laugh kind of way. We don't have to talk to each other everyday (and when we do, our conversations are less than 5 minutes, much unlike how our husbands are on the phone) but when we're together, it's definitely easy and definitely fun.

And now, somehow time has lurched forward and we both have two kids.

Happy 30th birthday Karen!

You're a wonderful wife, an excellent mommy, a pretty good sister, an incredible sister-in-law/eemo, a great thrift store shopper, a gracious host, and I will organize and clean your kitchen pantry ANYTIME.

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Oikosdespot said...

hahaha. love your post. i love karen! we're going to celebrate with kalbi tonight. :)