Monday, March 26, 2012

a birthday crafternoon

Does anyone else think it's fun to plan your own birthday party?

On Saturday, we had a crafternoon party. I had a crazy list of 8 crafts that I wanted the ladies to do, but toned down the crazy and decided to set up just 4...

Yarn-wrapped bottles, tutorial found here.

Button magnets, tutorial/idea found here.

Cupcake/jewelry stands, tutorial found here
(SERIOUSLY easy. Used E6000 adhesive.)

Felt bow hair clips from here, and covered button hair ties from here.

A lot of the ladies came in saying "I hate/suck at/dislike crafting!" but I think by the end of the afternoon, there was a change of heart.... :) (Someone even said it was therapeutic!)

Hooray for crafts! 

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Bethany said...

You're amazing Kathy! And how sweet of you to use your birthday as an opportunity to give others gifts (by way of crafting). Best wishes to you on this birthday! :-)