Friday, March 30, 2012


Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I love thrift store shopping. 

I usually am thrifting so that I can resell and make some money on ebay (I find all sorts of good things at Goodwill worth WAY more than what they're being sold for; I can't believe the stuff that people just give away!). 

But today, Jeff let me go out and I got $31 to spend on myself! (Though I'm seriously considering selling the pencil skirt and sweater on ebay, just because I know I could get at least 3x's what I paid for both on ebay.)

Here's my birthday swag! $31 is a lot of money at the Goodwill...



donna said...

that's awesome! your goodwill must be better than ours down here.

Bethany said...

First of all, that was a clever gift on Jeff's part. So well done to your husband.
Second, SF Goodwill is something else!! JCrew, Anthro and for cheap? I can't even imagine finding those brands in Michigan...and even if I did, they would be way over priced.