Tuesday, February 07, 2012

tuesday tots: breakfast

What is there to say about breakfast?

We eat it everyday, same time of day (usually around 7:30am), everyone sitting in their usual spots.

We rotate through the same things throughout the weeks (freezer waffles, cinnamon toast, pre-made pancakes, grain toast with nutella, granola, all with juice, milk, coffee and bananas), Jeff and I enjoy french-pressed coffee, and it is a quiet, lovely time of day. The kids are still relatively mellow and we can chat about our plans for the day...

Random side-note: Jeff and Jonas both prefer sweet breakfast foods while Penny and I enjoy savory stuff. If I had the time and energy, we'd be eating eggs/omelets and bacon/sausage everyday.

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Rebekah said...

Love this. I sit with A and R while they eat breakfast, but I've usually already had mine. And K is still asleep, and often Daddy is too. It's what happens when your kid's school starts at the butt crack of dawn.t ; ) It's also one reason I sometimes think that homeschoolers are doing something right ... slow-paced mornings, ever day! Ha. =)