Tuesday, February 28, 2012

it's hard to blog...

...not just because I'm so busy (cause really, I'm not THAT busy).

I think that finding time to pull out the camera to take photos of our day-to-day feels overwhelming and then not having pictures makes blogging feel pointless. 

Sorry to be a Debby-downer.

But that's just how I feel today.

Daddy and Penny too:

But then there are days when God reminds me that there's loads of grace and that I really don't have to do anything apart from being grateful for all that has already been done for me and then work outward from there.

Then, updating our humble little blog feels less like a chore and more like... an opportunity? a blessing? I don't exactly what, but it's not as annoying or overwhelming.

So, all that to say, today, I will update with bullet points, because that's just easier to do:

  • Penny is getting better and better at walking each day. It's actually her preferred mode of getting around now!
  • Jonas is saying all sorts of ridiculously funny things. If you don't follow his twitter already, you definitely should.
  • Jeff is... busy. As always. Working multiple jobs. Trying to figure out this whole church planting thing. Being a pastor. Playing with the kids. Running (!) and getting ready for a half-marathon in summer.
  • I am making meals, driving the kids to places, knitting (though, I'm getting sick of making scarves... must learn to knit with patterns... any helpful tips out there?), reading Esther (thanks Erin for the awesome tip for this commentary!!!)
  • I've been trying to find ways to make extra money to pay for trips that don't fit in our super-tight budget (going to see Karen and Baby Alice at the end of this month + planning a MUCH-NEEDED family vacation to Portland, OR in April + going to the Gospel Coalition Women's Conference in June = trying to find things to sell on ebay/etsy/craigslist so that we can still afford to eat!) If you have any good ideas for me to be able to make some cash-money, let me know! Does anyone want me to come clean their house? I'm really good at that...
  • I'm going to turn THIRTY-ONE. What. the. heck.
Thanks for reading and listening. :)

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