Tuesday, January 17, 2012

tuesday tots: outings

Our kids are great. They're cute and fun and sweet and smart and happy.

But sometimes, they cramp our style. 

Especially when we go out.

Not when we go out to do kid stuff, like visit the Academy of Sciences (almost every week!), going to the park or playground or library, or even going to Target or Trader Joe's. It's when we go out to do fun, adult-friendly things, mostly just going out for meals with our friends, that I have to grow so much in patience and letting go of control.

Anyone else feel that way about their kiddos?

Jonas is relatively easy when we're out and about. Yesterday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we went out to Half Moon Bay to have lunch at Sam's Chowder House. He sat at the corner of the table, said his hellos, colored for a bit, and then watched Curious George on our iPod for most of the 2 hour lunch. Yay, Jonas.

Penny on the other hand was really tired (longish car rides don't make her fall asleep, but just get her really drowsy and tired and then cranky when we arrive at our destination-- great, right?) and wanted to be entertained, fed, held, tickled, in our laps, upside-down, basically anything but in her highchair. She really did ok the first half hour, but decided she didn't like the food and then hated the highchair. 

All that to say, outings as simple as meals at restaurants are quite the adventure for us now.

Thank you in advance to anyone who invites us out to eat with them. And no worries if you don't invite us to come eat with you. We understand. :)


Bethany said...

Yes, eating out with kids is the pits, for everyone involved. I do not seem able to grow in patience in this area, so we've mostly given up on eating out. Except for fast food. The kids are always game for that if it includes a play area. But the two times we let them play at McDonalds led to week-long colds afterwards, so I'm done with fast food too. ::sigh::

At least there are date nights and take out!

Kathy Locke said...

Bethany-- yes! Take-out is truly awesome. :)

Katherine said...

We'll keep inviting you and if you can't come we'll just invite ourselves over for dessert again. ;)