Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tuesday tots (a day late)

So I was thinking that I would start a new weekly feature/update on the blog, Tuesday Tots, and give updates on the kiddos and what they've been up to, but I didn't end up having time yesterday to sit down and blog and now it's a day late. Not a good start, but better late than never, right? :)

This is probably interesting only to the mommas (and aunties and grandmas) but I really wanted to use our blog to document our kids' lives, show how they're growing and learning, and try to write down the things that I've been doing with them so I can remember for future little ones (maybe? ha!)

Jonas is now 3 1/2 and Penny is almost 17 months, which means that I feel like I'm 75 years old at the end of the day.

I know I've done this before on the blog, but I thought I'd start by sharing our daily schedule. It varies day-to-day (Jonas has school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Fridays are our family days, weekends are filled with church-related activities) but for the most part, if we're having a "normal" day, this is what it'd look like:

7am: Kids wake up. And let us know. By being LOUD. And SINGING. (Usually the Beatles.)
7:30am: I roll out of bed and get the kids ready for the day. I change and dress Penny. Jonas changes and dresses himself with some coaching.
7:45am: We all eat breakfast. Jeff and I consume large amounts of coffee.
8-9am: Kids have tv time. This is probably a 1/2 hour too long but it really REALLY helps me to get chores done (laundry, put dishes away, make grocery lists, clean the kitchen, vacuum, etc.)
9-10am: Kids have play time in their room. I interrupt their play time once or twice to tell Jonas not to yell at his sister and put Penny's socks back on her feet.
10am: Outing. Seriously necessary. Anything is good. Park, museum, Target, Costco (Jonas LOVES Costco's speed bumps), anywhere and anything to get out of the house.
12pm: Lunch! Yay! We made it through half the day!
12:30pm: Penny goes down for a nap. Double yay! Some Jonas-Umma time. :)
1pm: Jonas goes down for a nap. Yay yay yay!!!
1-3pm: My favorite time of the day.
3:30pm: Both kiddos awake. Snack time.
4:30pm: Try to get out of the house again. Usually get them both in the stroller and go for a walk or go to the playground if it's not too cold.
5:30pm: Hand the kids off to Jeff so that I can make dinner.
6pm: Dinner.
6:45pm: Get Penny ready for bed. Baths, stories, snuggles, fuzzies...
7pm: Good night Penny! Jonas gets some time to be an only child again.
8pm: Good night Jonas!

I'm hoping that this year, I can build in more structured learning time for the kids, especially for Jonas. I would love to get some beginning reading skills in him (I should probably put my reading specialist background to use on my own kids, no?) and Penny, well, I would love to help her learn to walk. :) Also, it'd be good to have more structured, built-in, "Umma/Daddy and me" time so that each of the kids get individual time with each of us.

By the end of the day, we usually feel like this:

or sometimes like this:


Tuesday Tots!!!


Angie Ochoa said...

Love this! Your day sounds much like ours, but without the coffee, and without the outings. Maybe I should take a hint from you here! ;-) And I DEFINITELY feel like I'm 75 by the end of the day!!! :-)

Kathy Locke said...

Angie: WHAT?! How in the world do you make it through the day without coffee?!?!?!! :)

jane said...

love this peak into your daily lives (i love it when bloggers do that). i totally feel ya on how wiped out you are at the end of the day. keep posting, kathy!

frances jeon said...

kathy, your blog is so cute! but not as cute as your kids. haha. i wanted to comment, because you mentioned that your kids sing Beatles songs. David Titus sings Beatles songs too! they're his favorite. :)

Kathy Locke said...

thanks jane and frances!

jane: you have TWO kids now, right? crazy! last time i saw you i think you had only one and she was in your tummy!

frances: jonas's favorite álbum right now is "let it be" and he wakes up singing "get back" every morning. it's awesome. :)

Hyejin K. Lee said...

Hi Kathy!! This is Hyejin from Union Church~ I love reading your posts.
I am learning so many things even I have no children yet. so thank you for sharing!! :)