Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tuesday tots: bed

Sometimes these two actually like each other.

So much so, that once in a while, after their naps, they'll crawl into Jonas's bed together and be ridiculously cute. Giggling. Smiling. Snuggling. So very cute...

Though what you can't see in this photo is what happened right after: Jonas grabbing Penny's drumstick (yes, she will be a super-cool girl drummer) out of her hand and Penny trying to grab it back and smacking him in the face and then Jonas telling her "Penny! You get out. of. my. BED!"

But that's ok. Because everything is good in this one little moment of our afternoon.

And this picture makes me so very happy to be the umma of these tots.

1 comment:

Jane Ng said...

so cute! they look a LOT alike in this photo!