Sunday, January 29, 2012

penny & umma trip

Penny and I just got back yesterday from an overnighter in Orange County with the Roos/Locke/Hahn women.

It was fun/sweet/exhausting traveling alone with just Penny. You would think that one kid vs. two would be easier, but it really does depend on which kid you are with...

Cause this one is feisty.

Both trips on the plane (1 hour plane rides), she fussed and complained the first half, and then fell asleep while I was reading book to her for the second half. 

When we got to our hotel in Costa Mesa, we hung out with Grandma, Jill, Carson, Mimi, Aunt Nancy, Lori and Auntie Katie. Penny got LOTS of attention and enjoyed every minute of it...

(Thanks Auntie Lezlee for the green driving moccasins!!!)

(Funny, she was mostly smiles and laughs for everyone but me...)

We did things girls like to do when boys aren't around... shopping, eating, chatting. 

The South Coast Plaza is really nice. And HUGE. We had to walk across a bridge that went across the street to another section of the mall.

(Sorry, this is the only activity-related picture I have! I wish I had gotten a picture of our lovely dinner or Penny's ride on the carousel.)

Penny said please a lot. (Being polite helps when she really wants to get her way.)

And then, we were back at the airport. 

And Penny was back to being with just me again.

(She wasn't too happy about that.)

But on the plane ride back, she got her own seat! Yay!

Thanks Mimi for flying us down and letting us be a part of such a fun weekend!

(Here's a picture of Jonas in his new Buzz Lightyear costume that Mimi got for him this weekend...)

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