Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Jeff is 30 today.

If Penny could write/talk, she might say:
"Dear Dada,
Thank you for thinking I'm the most beautiful little girl in the whole world. I love the way you make me belly laugh and that even though you think you don't let me get away with anything, I actually get away with so much. I love being your little princess, though you'll probably regret some of that later on.
Love, Penny."

If Jonas could write/speak coherently, he might say:
"Dear Daddy,
You're my favorite scratchy monster. And, YOU are my favorite boy. Thank you for making me into a 3-year-old music snob and introducing me to the Beatles while I was still in the womb. Even though I can annoy the heck out of you, I know that you understand me and that I get all of my sensitive touchy-feely characteristics from you. I'll try my best to continue to learn all of those catechisms and creeds and one day, when I'm big and old enough, we can drink scotch/daddy juice and talk about theology and remember these days, when you bribed me with gummies to memorize the Bible. 
Love, Jonas."

If I could write/talk, I might say:
"Dear Jeff,
You're my bestest friend. Thank you for loving me, especially when I shouldn't be loved at all (i.e.: every morning when I'm grumpy and angry for having to wake up), and for loving and caring for our children. The Jeff Locke you are now is an amazing picture of God's grace and I'm incredibly encouraged by how humble you are and how much you love what you believe. (Much better than the Jeff Locke I met 6 years ago who told me that I should feel privileged that you called.) :) Yay! Team Locke!!!! The best team ever!!!!!
Love, Kathy."

BIG HUGE GIANT THANKS to anyone who wrote Jeff one of his 30 letters. Every time he got one, he got gushy and teary-eyed. We are blessed for sure.


Rebekah said...

Last night was awesome. Amaaazing food, dear friends, a LOT of laughter. If you take out the part where there was discussion and explanation of Dutch Ovens, I think it was pretty much a perfect birthday celebration. ; ) We are very thankful to have been with you guys 6 years ago, but even more so now. We love you guys! Happy 30th, Jeff ... here's to a year full of God's grace and blessings.

Allen said...

I though the Dutch Ovens contributed, personally. =]

Happy Birthday Jeff, and great post Kathy!

Christy said...

You guys continue to inspire me even when I'm 6,910 miles away. What an amazing post and what an amazing family. Who loves the Lockes? I love the Lockes!! Happy birthday, Jeff! Looking forward to the next time I could hear you speak passionately about God. :)