Friday, October 07, 2011

New-ish Granola

Ever decide to look through all the random screen-shots you've taken of random webpages that you've stuck in a folder on your desktop called, "Look at these. Good stuff."? 

(See? A picture of a corner of my desktop!)

So about a couple of months ago, I started going through the pdfs of all the random images and recipes that I have been sticking in this folder for the past year (hello, adorable cloud mobile I was supposed to make a year ago! hello, delicious looking maple bacon biscuits!) and stumbled upon a granola recipe. 

It's from a blog that is no more, katiedid, a tragedy because this lady was funny and charming and her children are kill-me-now kind of beautiful. And she makes her girls the most awesome clothes. My hero.

Anyway, back to the granola. It's good. Really good. It has permanently replaced the granola recipe I was using before. And I don't think I'll be going back to it...

Here it is, in my original screen-shot form... :)
My modifications are that I usually just halve everything (who has 10 cups of oats on hand?!) and I do half a batch with coconut and half without (I usually add cranberries to that sad, coconut-less half.)

It's very good I tell you! Connie, I'm going to whip some up next week so I'll be fully stocked for you and Janice when you come to visit next weekend! :)

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cons55 said...

i'm so excited about this! i was just telling janice that i need to make more granola!

can't wait to try it! woohoo!