Thursday, September 01, 2011

Summer Goals Revisited...

Ha. So technically, there are still 23 days or so left of summer, so I still have time to complete some of my goals from June. AND it's actually kind of sunny outside so maybe we'll get some semblance of summer-like weather after all, even it's for a bit.

But I'm revisiting my goals and thought I'd share some revisions with you all  here.

(What I'm about to do is probably not allowed in the world of goal-making & -accomplishing...)

Even though I haven't accomplished many of my summer goals, we have accomplished many other things here in the Locke household, so I thought I'd use some of those things to count as some of my summer goals completed.

Here we go:

  • Make ice cream (sans ice cream maker): I TOTALLY TRIED TO DO THIS (with this idea) but my food processor/blender decided to break on the day we were going to make banana ice cream. Going to get a new food processor and try again later this month.
  • Learn how to pick a delicious watermelon: Lo and behold... my mom taught me how! Knock knock...
  • Host Sunday Suppers: Hmmm... so I was going to make this a formal thing (like plan menus and such) but to make things easier, let's say that I've done/been doing this because on the Sundays we've been in town, we have had suppers here with our friends. :)
  • Make my own cleaning products: DONE!
  • Plant herbs: Nope. Instead, we sent Jonas to preschool for the first time! (Yes, totally unrelated.) See pictures below.
  • Mail 3 surprise packages in the mail: I've actually done this for two friends. I'm really horrible at documenting things.
  • No jeans for a week: ummmmm.... later? I've been waiting for nicer weather.
  • Potty train Jonas: DONE!
  • Sew a dress and wear it outside: well... I definitely thought about doing this. I think that we'll use this activity to substitute (even though it's technically not sewing). I actually wore my bracelet a lot, until it fell off. :(
  • Learn how to grill stuff: I'm going to replace this one with learn to make lots of pies. Cause I already did that. 
And now I bring you, Jonas goes to school...

(We walked because it's literally around the corner from our house.)

(What's in his backpack? A change of clothes and snacks that he wouldn't need because they feed him at the school. Can I just tell you that I'm actually really SAD that I don't get to pack him a lunch for school?!?!?! I love packing lunches.)

(Sorry about the blurriness. We get in, he takes off his jacket, backpack and shoes, and is gone like the wind. Each day when I've gone to pick him up, his teachers always say "he's so independent! he had so much fun!" Yay Jonas!)


Rebekah said...

Just had to say BRAVO for all the goals you've accomplished this summer. Especially potty training Jonas. That is HUUUGE! Also, sending friends packages and having people over for dinner is extra super awesome and makes me feel all kinds of warm fuzzies that I get to be friends with someone as great as you are.

Are you going to have Fall goals? If they aren't too super "crafty" and don't involve potty training Kellan I just might join you! =)

Karen said...

why is he wearing a billion layers of clothes in the summer? it's like in the 90's down here. nora hasn't worn a sweater since may. i hate san francisco. (jk...don't hate people)

cler said...

I was gonna try that banana ice cream recipe too! When we went to Kauai, I tried a pineapple/apple banana ice cream that was made like that recipe and it was sooo yummmy!
I have an ice cream maker, I've made ice cream but we need more people to consume it.

Courtney said...

I LOVE the backpack pictures! Yay Jonas!

Bethany said...

Jonas with his backpack!!!!!! SOO CUTE!!!

The point of goals is to get one motivated and you did a whole lot of stuff this summer so that equals success. Plus you potty trained Jonas, which in my book, is the most incredible feat of parenting!!! (I'm dreading it with K2 so I've already determined not even to attempt a start until he's three. Maybe he'll just teach himself...)

rosie said...

oh man, he looks like such a big boy! time flies, huh? and happy belated 1st bday to penny! good job on the partay, kathy...very cute :)