Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farm Box Love

We started getting a farm box every other Tuesday this month. 

If you know me at all, you know that I love to plan. That's mostly the reason I've waited so long to commit to a farm box; it's actually really hard to NOT be able to plan out all of our meals each week. 

Needless to say, like most things that are uncomfortable, this farm box has turned out alright and has given me an opportunity to grow in letting go of control in that freakish, sinful, I-like-to-control-my-own-destiny kind of way. I still get to plan ahead for the most part because it's every other week (as opposed to each week, so we're not totally dependent on the box contents for meals) but I actually really like the surprises that come in the boxes every other Tuesday. 

Here was our first farm box:

 Heirloom tomatoes, purple peppers, cherry tomatoes, mission figs, Japanese eggplant, I forget what the green stuff in the bag was (beans?)

 We mostly ate the tomatoes as is, added the purple peppers to salads and made eggplant parmesan (yummy and easy!). My favorite was the figs because I got to make a fig-goat cheese-lemon-honey galette (above.)

Farm box #2 (just found it on our doorstep this morning!):

nantes carrots, padron peppers, cherry and heirloom tomatoes, granny smith apples, green beans, assorted sweet peppers...

...arugula and gold beets!

Exciting! I've never cooked with padron peppers or gold beets before!

(And a picture to melt your hearts into heart-shaped puddles...)

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gene+katherine said...

I still wanna get a farm box!! Maybe after crazy September is over. LOVE the Jonas and Penny pix. Melt.