Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Uncle Nini got married!

I mentioned Nick earlier last week when I wished him a happy birthday... we went down to Ventura last week because he got married on Friday. It was a busy couple of days, lots of wedding and pre-wedding events and activities (Jeff was the best man and Jonas was a ringbearer!) but so much fun to see lots of family and welcome Katie into our family!

This is a picture of Nick and Jeff studying/working on the DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING. 
Serious nerdage going on here.

Totally unrelated to the wedding but oh-so-funny: my sister, brother-in-law Dave, and niece Nora came up to have lunch with us on Thursday. We walked around downtown Ventura for a bit and went into Jeff's favorite used bookstore. Jonas was in the stroller and saw this statue in a glass case and said, "Look Eemo! That's Boo-boo!" (Boo-boo is what he calls Dave.) Does the figurine look like Dave??? My sister and I laughed a lot because of this.

Penny and Grandma Roos at the rehearsal.

Jonas at the rehearsal dinner eating a ginormous cannoli.

So I mentioned before that Jonas was the ringbearer; he got to wear a fancy tux and all. But I snapped this photo when he was going poopoo on the potty because it just all looked so silly and cute. :)

Penny spent most of the wedding in her stroller, sleeping or eating graham crackers.

The dinner reception was held at an old barn (!) with lots of vintage touches, including mismatched tables and linens, mason jars, wine barrels... Sharon: you would've LOVED it!

Cute dinner reception details. These were the placecards.


Penny ate a cucumber and tried her darndest to cramp my style. (There weren't really any other kiddos at the reception, and Jonas and Penny were both dead-tired after the day of wedding events.)

A rare family picture!!!

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Bethany said...

The wedding looks lovely! And your kiddos are just getting cuter and cuter!