Monday, August 29, 2011

Penny's First Birthday Party!

We just dropped Jonas off for his first day of preschool and Penny is now one! My oh my, where does the time go?!

Despite the misty fog and cold weather, Penny's first birthday party was a grand ol' time. We had a wonderful crowd of people to celebrate with us and felt incredibly blessed to know that so many people love our little Penny dearly. 

I had initially planned for the party to take place in a grassy meadow on the other side of the tennis courts you can see in the pictures but the grass was far too wet, so we decided to park the party right next to the playground. Thank God we did because it made for the perfect location for us to eat (there were lots of benches and tables) and hang out AND be able to watch our kids while they played at the same time. Perfect.

For food, I did picnic-friendly items, including three types of sandwiches (ham, cheddar, apple/ salami, roasted red peppers, provolone/ prosciutto, mozzarella, fig) that were all wrapped up in wax paper and had little washi tape toothpick flags that Jeff made. :) We also had tomato cucumber feta salad (thanks Katherine for the recipe!), broccoli salad, and mixed berry fruit salad. To make the salads easier to transport, I put them all in 4-oz plastic containers from Smart and Final with lids so that they'd be easy to put in paper bags and also easy to throw away when done. 

For the kids, I got these lunch boxes and filled them with lunch items that were all ready-to-go. I figured that the kids would want to eat and play and rather than making them rather un-kid-friendly sandwiches, homemade lunchables, juice boxes, granola bars, mini pickles (!), and bouncy balls were the better way to go. I think the kids liked them! Yay! (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of what was inside the boxes...)

For dessert, I made four different types of pie (all-american apple [my personal favorite], pear butterscotch, blueberry oatmeal, and summer peach cardamom) and bought brownie bites and cupcakes from Costco. The pies were a little soggy from being out in the cold foggy air during the party, but I think they still tasted pretty good.

Other details were the fringey streamer background (love Jordan Ferney!), lots of washi tape (from here), and touches of fuschia/pink. I basically wanted to go with a warm color (yellow, oranges and fuschia) theme because Penny's our little sunshine girl. :) Oh, and for favors, I baked a ton of mini pecan-chocolate chip pies! (The labels on the bags say "Penny thinks you're a sweetie pie!")

Penny dressed up in traditional Korean clothing for the "dohljabi" (thanks Young and Kaitlyn for letting us borrow your outfit!). She barely touched the money, but in the end, just went looking for her Daddy, didn't really care about the Bible, pencil, thread or money we had laid out for her to choose from.

Thanks for looking at all of these pictures!!! Our little baby girl is growing up... :(


inee said...

what a beautiful birthday baby :) Happy belated birthday to Penny!

clarify said...

that first picture KILLS ME. love her scrunched up face.

jyang said...

what a perfect party for your lil girl! happy birthday penny! love all the touches and the pies!!!! yum!!!