Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Penelope True.

Oh. My. Goodness. 

How can it be that a year has passed since that fateful night in San Diego, since we ventured to the hospital at 4am after denying all night that the contractions were actually contractions, since we met you for the first time and you were so small and tiny and wonderful?


You are dear to us. We love your pace. Thank you for taking your time to learn to crawl so that Umma didn't have to chase you and your brother around too much before I was ready. You seem so thoughtful and deliberate in your timing; from the fact that you wanted to come to us a whole month early, probably because you wanted to meet all of the family during your first week of life (hi Grandma!), to when you started to actually crawl, how you made it look like you actually had known how to for months, but just chose to when the time was just right... 

And oh how we love your personality. This funny face kills me:

Though you were shy in your earlier months, clinging to me or Daddy when other people tried to hold you, now you love the attention of others, and I think that other people love you too. How can they resist your charms? The tiny fingers doing the Itsy-Bitsy Spider? The peek-a-boo hands that cover the ears instead of eyes? The ever-so-delicate feet, attached to not-so-small legs? The wet kisses you give? All are things that make me and Daddy swoon and over the moon for you!

But really, more than anything, I'm a blessed Umma. The way that your Oppa (Jonas) loves on you and the way you giggle when he laughs and cry when he cries, it makes my heart so full. I'm amazed that God is so good, that he would give us not only a beautiful boy but also a beautiful little girl to call our own. I pray that he will help us to be patient and gracious as we guide you through becoming a toddler then little girl then adolescent then teenager then adult (!!!!!). I pray that when we suck at parenting (and yes, it already happens all the time) and we don't know what the heck we're doing and/or do everything wrong, that we would be able to say, "Thank you Jesus, for doing everything that needs to be done!" and point you to our perfectly loving and patient and powerful and perfect Father in heaven.

One is fun and I can't wait to hear your babbling become words and songs, see your feet start to walk (in really cute shoes of course), your hands start to craft and make art, your mind and heart to grow grow grow.

Penelope True, we love you.

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