Friday, July 08, 2011

Traveling... Again...

So far:

Jeff and I got to see two movies! (midnight in Paris: amusing, and xmen: pretty good... Is it just me, or have movies gotten not-so-good???)
We spent two nights away from both kids.
I woke up at 6am each morning we were away.
We saw almost everyone in our family yesterday (and spent a LOT of time driving).
Penny seems to be getting closer to crawling/moving.
Jonas finally got to see cars 2 at the movies (yay for poop in the potty!)
We've been thinking and talking and praying a lot about church planting.
Reliving our seminary days in Escondido; love being at the Lauterbachs, but it's not quite the same without mark and Rondi and zavi.
Suburban life in the 'dido... We've already been to target, panda express, and barnes & noble!
We are the biggest heat wimps ever.
We went to the public library here and got 25+ books and records for $14.90.
We love SF and can't wait to come home!

Who's coming over for dinner when we get back??? Let's wear jackets and sweaters and grill!!!

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DNA's Adventures said...

oooo grilling! sounds excellent! can't wait to see you guys =) been thinking about you a lot!