Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Goals: Make household cleaning products

I'm kind of a clean-freak.

I blame my mother.

I grew up in a house that was pretty much always spotless; my mom was obsessed with clean floors, and it seems that she passed that OCD gene onto me. I love vacuuming (I love you Dyson!) and I try to keep our linoleum floors as clean as possible (this is difficult when I'm the only one in the house who cares about such things. I remember before we got married when Jeff was living in NY and being shocked at how dirty their bathroom floor was...) 

Though I don't mind regular household cleaning products, when it comes to things that my kids interact with regularly (bathtub, bathroom sink, floors) I have been trying to be conscious of limiting their exposure to toxic chemicals and such. So, here's what I've been trying to use to clean in those areas:
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • That's it.
I still use the regular, store-bought stuff, but using the concoctions from here is great, because it's not only safer but much cheaper. :)

And for those of you who don't care at all about how I clean my house, here's a picture of Jeff's old, before-we-got-married apartment, dug up from the depths of our computer files. (It doesn't really have anything to do with household cleaning products but remember when I mentioned how it wasn't very clean, way back in paragraph 3???) I don't know why Jeff took a picture of me looking like I'm praying. Maybe I'm meditating in the midst of all the mess...


Jeff Locke said...

Dude, that isn't even messy. You should see my old roommate's room. You couldn't even get the door open.

Bethany said...

::laughing:: "It is not good for man to be along..."

DNA's Adventures said...

*sigh* i have to agree with kinda looks like my apartment does on a daily basis....oh well - i call it, organized chaos =)

jyang said...

seriously, that's not that messy - esp for a guy?! i have a bit of ocd too and i do have a mix of non-toxic and regular cleaning agents but feel the non-toxic never leaves it looking as "clean" as the reg one's ;)!