Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation in a nut-shell

Traveling... thankful for the double stroller!

Playing at the beach...

Learning new games...

Waking up ridiculously early (seriously, 5am?! Thank God for tv.)

Hanging out with some of our favorite people...

Bare arms!

Things I did not get pictures of: eating good food (shave ice, poke, udon, saimin, hawaiian bbq, spam for breakfast at McDonalds, spam musubi, sushi...), going hiking and feeling like we were in "Lost," playing hearts (David shot the moon!), going to the movies (yay Super 8!), randomly running into an old friend from our church in NY (hi Nancy!!!), unexpectedly long walks, packing and unpacking multiple times, visiting the Dole Plantation (sorry to say that it was very overrated), and swimming at the beach and in the pool (note to self: teach Jonas to swim so he's not such a scaredy-cat at the beach or pool.)

So fun, but we're also SO glad to be home. SF, we love you!

PS. Check out Karen's post for more pictures!

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Rebekah said...

I am so glad you guys got to do this. It looks like such a fun and relaxing time. Except for the 5 am wake up. What's up with that?! (Our kids did the same thing this week in Tahoe ... UGH.) Loved the pics your sister took too. She's talented. Hmm, must run in the family. =)