Monday, June 20, 2011


We went on vacation (more on that to come) but before that, we were in LA for a day to visit my dad (who, by the way, gave Jeff an AWESOME new computer!)

On the way over to Upland, we stopped at the Donut Man and visited Nick in San Dimas.

I've been excited to go to the Donut Man forever... it's been popping up on various blogs that I peruse, like here . When I told Jeff I wanted to go, he said "why?" because apparently, he's been going his whole life and it's so NOT a big deal.

It's pretty crazy that I grew up living so close to all this donutty deliciousness and didn't even know it was there.

Being in LA = being in the car A LOT

The famous seasonal strawberry donut; quite good but it was a little too sweet and too much. :(

The bavarian creme donut was AWESOME.

Jonas ate a tiger-tail donut all by himself!

I love summer and saltwater sandals!


Erin said...

This made me drool Kathy. . . no joke. Can't wait to go to LA sometime in my life and experience this.

scottrim said...

mmm... we gotta go to dynamo donuts sometime. side note: on your main blog pic of easter jonas and penny, you can barely see a stream of drool running down the corner of penny's mouth. and i want to color it blue!

g. said...

strawberry donuts! loved this place back when i used to work in azusa.