Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jonas's Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had 53 people (including kids and babies, some of whom should count as more than one person for the amount of energy they had) over, all inside our apartment.

Our original plans included walking two blocks to the park to play outside.

But it rained.

So, we went to plan B.

A party in our big-but-not-too-big apartment, with 36 adults, 11 toddlers/kids, and 6 babies.

It was loud. And crazy. And crowded. And really, really fun.

Afterwards, Jeff and I both agreed that we should have big parties like this one every other weekend. :)

I love washi tape.

Favors were freezer-paper printed t-shirts and Curious George books.

What little kid doesn't like pancakes with blueberries, strawberries and chocolate chips? 
Oh, and there was whipped cream too. :)

Before it got all crazy up in here...

Jonas sat next to his bff Dylan (I promise that Dylan was happy to be here.)

The "big kids" table.

Happy Birthday to Jonas!

(Thanks Aunty Sharon for the pictures from your awesome Iphone and all the help before the party!)


choenough said...

dear jonas! thanks so much for letting me share the day with you! you're such a fun, bright, and kind boy! :) muah!

jyang said...

happy birthday jonas and you have a ROCKSTAR MOM! lucky you!

kathy - come through my kids bday parties :). i hope i can do half of what you do one day!