Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10-month-old Penny

Ten months?!


Cause that's only a couple of weeks shy of being ONE.

It's easy to forget day-to-day that Penny's already 10-months-old. Unlike her brother who walked at 10 months, she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to move on her own. And while that's a-ok for us (it's a wonderful thing to plop her down somewhere and have her play with toys contentedly and not have to worry about her getting into things she's not supposed to), the doctor today said that we should probably encourage her to do some crawling and such.

Ok, Dr. Quock. We'll try. But, no promises.... anyone who's been over to our house knows that Penny doesn't do things she doesn't want to do. When we put her on her belly and try to entice her to move with bright and shiny objects, she reaches, and if it's out-of-reach, flips onto her back, and is usually quite happy there.

But, in an effort to be good parents, we'll try.

She does clap her hands together and signs "more please". Cute, no?

And, apparently, she's really tall/long! The nurse and doctor both measured her three times (yes, that would be 6 times total) because they couldn't believe that she is 31 inches longs. I told them that Jeff is 6'3" but I guess they didn't believe me.

Yay Penny!!! You're the best.


Jane Ng said...

happy 10 months, penny!!

cons55 said...

good job, penny! way to grow!

Karen said...

that's so weird because her feet are SO TINY!
chunky thighs, long legs, tiny feet.
awesome. i miss her.