Friday, May 06, 2011

Meet Nora...

This is my adorable niece Nora. She's one and super sweet...

My younger sister Karen (Nora's mommy) is one sneaky lady.

She has a secret (though hopefully not-so-secret after I out her!) blog that she didn't tell me about. I actually only found it when we were staying at her house a couple months ago and I was using her computer for something!

Not only does she have this secret blog, she also blogs almost everyday! Initially I was kind of mad that she wouldn't tell me about her blog, but now I've forgiven her because I get to see pictures of Nora all the time. :)

Fun facts about my sister and me:

  • we're "Irish twins"! I was born March 30, 1981 and she was born within a year, March 7, 1982. Yes, I know, what in the world was my mom thinking?! (But if you ask my crazy mom, she'll tell you she meant to have us that close...)
  • we don't look alike at all but we have very similar mannerisms (so people have told me.)
  • we both love reality tv.
  • she thinks I'm immature and ridiculous (even though I'm now a pastor's wife and not that immature anymore.)
  • we're both teachers-- she taught 2nd grade and I taught 1st grade!
  • we easily get on each other's nerves, less so now that we're older, but it still happens.
There's a lot more I can share, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Feel free to stalk her blog... :)


cons55 said...

oh da-dang, you totally outed her. good job! :)

Kathy Locke said...

Yes. I did.
I asked her if I could though.
And she said that I could.
(I'm still kind of scared of her. I wouldn't have done it if she didn't give me permission to.)