Monday, May 02, 2011

May goals

Late... sorry to anyone who actually cares about my monthly goals!

My April goals did not go very well; the backyard didn't get cleaned up in April, though it did get cleaned up today by the gardeners that our landlord hired-- yes! Also, I only had 2 phone conversations this month that lasted more than 15 minutes. I'm terrible on the phone.

For May, here they are:

  • Fix up the backyard (yes, I'm putting this up here again because I still really want it to be a grassy, kid-friendly space for us to play in this summer)
  • Read a non-fiction book (probably this one with this friend)
  • Sew a quilt! (this one's really ambitious)
  • Wear my hair down once a week-- ok, this one is specifically suggested by Jeff who really wants me to start wearing my hair down. I say it's kind of silly to make it a goal for the month, but I am submitting to my husband's wants for this one. Maybe I'll try to blog pictures of me with my hair down to make it more interesting...

May is going to be quite busy, especially because of our upcoming, first ever Christ Church Women's Retreat. Oh, and Mother's Day, a bridal shower, planning Jonas's 3rd (!!!!) birthday party...


clarify said...

can't wait to see your hair down & in heidi braids in the summertime!

note to self: do not eat sandwiches with meat in it while reading eating animals.

and i also want to try on jonas' bow tie. :)

Kathy Locke said...

YES. I told Jeff that the book is making me almost kind of consider thinking about not eating meat. Almost.

Can I make you a bow tie????

Amy said...

I was so bad about having my hair up every day that I cut it short enough so that I can't put it up! I say: chop it!!

clarify said...

YES PLEASE MAKE ME A BOW TIE! ill bake you a cake!