Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's do this! SUMMER GOALS!

I looked at our calendar for the next few months and realized something.

Summer is busy.

I LOVE SUMMER. As a student and then a teacher, I always loved the change in pace, the warm nights (in LA and NY), ice cream, sleeping in, reading for fun, hanging out with friends whenever and wherever, the list can go on and on.

Now that we have kids and they're not in school yet, it seems that our summertime got filled up with trips and commitments-- all good stuff, but it seems that there aren't going to be many days of just bumming around and being outside and walking to get ice cream.

So... instead of monthly goals for June, July and August, I'm going to post (on 6/1) some summer goals (10 to be exact because I like lists of 3, 4, or 10, or 100) and I'd love to do this with my blogging friends.

Here's the challenge:
  • Pick 5 of the goals that I'm going to list below:
    • make popsicles
    • take nightly walks
    • learn to do something new (kite-flying? ice-cream making?)
    • have a picnic at the park/outside
    • plant herbs in your backyard/front porch/balcony/?
    • learn how to pick a yummy watermelon
    • no jeans/pants/shorts for a week (ie: say YES to summer dresses!)
    • take a road trip
    • host a summer dinner party
    • make a no-bake dessert
    • give a surprise bouquet of flowers to a friend
    • perfect a summer salsa recipe
    • take a picture every hour of a fun or normal day
    • make your own _______ (fill in the blank with something you normally buy, but can try to replicate, like for me, household cleaning products!)
  • Add 5 goals of your own, specific to you and your family 
  • Post them on your blog sometime in the beginning of June
  • Keep us updated via your blog on how you're doing with your goals!
I promise this will be FUN and (hopefully) not stressful.

Clara, Karen, Lulu, Bethany Thompson, Ashley, Leah, Rosie, Jane, Bethany Miller, and anyone else with a blog: I'm talking to you. :)

Who's down??????


Bethany Thompson said...

I'll do it! It will be part of my goal to make goals. =)

jane said...

yikes!!! super challenging. i'll try my best but no promises!!! :)

Bethany Miller said...

Kathy, you have the most terrific ideas!! Count me IN!!!

Kathy Locke said...

Awesome! So excited that you guys are on board.

Jane-- no worries about this. It's definitely a no-pressure kind of thing. I've found that it's helpful to set goals and such to make myself to do fun/challenging things I wouldn't do otherwise... Hopefully you'll be able to find fun things to do with your little one this summer! :)

Bethanies-- you guys are great! Excited to see your goals...

DNA's Adventures said...

=) awesome idea - my family is loving the excuse for more blogging - thank you for the challenge! seriously

jyang said...

how awesome. i do have a private blog so maybe i will try to list a few of my things but too bad no one can keep me that accountable!

Kathy Locke said...

Jane-- I will totally keep you accountable via facebook if you share your goals there! :)