Sunday, May 01, 2011

(late!) 8-month-old Penny!

A couple of days late... that's what having sick kiddos does... makes me late at regular blog posts. :)

She has fuzzy-wuzzy hair (Jonas insists that she's a duckling), is pretty good at sitting up by herself (only falls over when Jonas is giving her hugs), started saying things like "babababa" (we think she's saying "oppa" which is what she's going to call her older brother) and "dadadadada", she has a wonderful squinty-eyes scrunched-up-nose smile, claps and shakes her head when prompted, is still a bit touch-and-go when it comes to sleep, and loves loves loves eating table food off of my finger. Who needs a spoon when you can eat off of umma's finger?

No interest in moving on her own yet, which is fine by me. Take your time Baby Penny... stay a little baby as long as possible please.

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