Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love our community.

One of the things that has been keeping me busy the past few months has been helping to plan and prepare for our first ever Christ Church Women's Retreat, which was this past weekend.

What an incredible blessing it was, to be with such amazing women, at such a beautiful site, and to sit under such wise teaching!

The retreat was held at the Headlands Institute in Sausalito. When I initially visited this site in February, I was nervous about inviting the ladies to such a "rustic" site-- picture a room of 40+ bunk beds-- but it ended up being quite perfect in many ways. We were only 20 minutes from the city (just past the Golden Gate Bridge), the food was yummy,  and it was BEAUTIFUL. :)

Rondi, my super cool, pilates-teaching, modern-dancing, coffee-drinking mom, came up from San Diego to teach us about the joys of reading the Word and letting it inform how we live our lives and relationships. We all learned SO MUCH. It was awesome to see that Jesus really is the background of all of Scripture and that there is so so so much to learn from the Word.

One of my favorite things was that all of my dear friends from Christ Church got to know Rondi. I'd been talking about her for a long time and she definitely exceeded all of our expectations. :)

We were only together for 22 hours, but we managed to squeeze in a hike on Saturday. Here we are going up the big hill...

... and here we are being rebellious and going on the trail that was closed because the bridge was deemed unsafe. Ha! We laughed in the face of danger.

I love these ladies! So incredibly blessed to be able to do life with them all...


Camille said...

Thanks Kathy, for all of your hard work and prayer and planning-- truly a delightful time was had by all.

Bethany said...

For give me for drooling over here, but the retreat location is GORGEOUS!!! Seems like the perfect setting for fellowship with the Lord and sisters in His family!