Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day in the Life...

7am: Good morning Jonas!

8am: Breakfast part 1...

9am: Breakfast/Brunch part 2 (with Melissa and Jon)

10am: Jonas colors while waiting for his big, big, BIG pancake.

11am: Jonas and Daddy reading Little Oink.

12pm: Jonas eats mac-n-cheese and reads the Jesus Storybook Bible. :)

1pm: The kids are down and I do a little bit of re-decorating. 

2pm: Jeff works on church stuff and I get working on invitations for Jonas's birthday party (and we're watching "The American President" on netflix.)

3pm: The baby is awake and ready for a bottle. 

4pm: Jonas wakes from a good nap like this, covered in sweat. :(

5pm: Jonas works on some coloring while Jeff talks about hospitality stuff with Sharon and I start dinner.

6pm: Yay! Auntie Sharon stays for dinner (steak sandwiches-- Jeff's favorite!).

6:30pm: Penny gets a much-needed bath (I had to scrub off crusty cheerios from behind her ear!)

7pm: Jeff and Jonas get in the car to go to SFState to see Jeremy perform with the university choir.

7:30pm: We get to hang out with Auntie Sharon some more and Penny gets ready for bed.

8pm: Penny's asleep, Jeff and Jonas are at the concert, so what do I do with the house all to myself??? I try to flush out our shower drain with baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. Oh so fun.

9pm: Jonas is in bed and Jeff and I settle down to do some reading (for me) and journaling (for him*). This book makes me disgusted with meat for a while, but then...

10pm:...I just get sleepy and fall asleep on the couch. :)

The end. 
We actually had a more interesting day planned but that's ok because I feel like this is pretty much what a lazy Saturday looks like for us.

*Jeff journaled in French because he didn't want me to read what he was writing over his shoulder! Sometimes he's very junior-high-schoolish in his ways...


DNA's Adventures said...

=) a simple saturday...gotta love it! just got mine up there...

Kathy Locke said...

Yay Ashley! I loved seeing your pictures! :)

allenhah said...

Great idea Kathy!

Wives should not read their husband's journals! Clara reads through everything and then says "one flesh" to justify her actions.

Kathy Locke said...

"one flesh" = justified reason to read husband's journals.

(Though, I actually wasn't trying to read Jeff's journal! He just wishes I was.)

Bethany said...

This pic an hour was a genius idea! I loved getting a glimpse into your Saturday. Your children are so precious and props to Jeff for keeping up his French through journaling!