Saturday, May 28, 2011

9-month-old Penny

I have no idea where my camera is so instead, I'm posting pictures of Penny from last month, when we went to get "professional" photos taken at a studio in the Marina. 

The photo studio was not really my style but it was fun to watch Penny be posed and set up with props and be (only a little) miserable taking these pictures.

"Hmmm... these cherries don't taste very good
 (or seem very safe for me to be putting in my mouth)..."

A rare happy-Penny picture

"What the heck am I doing in a bucket?"

"Really? Really?! What is this thing?!"

A picture that displays Penny's arm rolls in all of their glory.

"Why am I sitting in a midget's leather armchair?"

Aunty Jeanne, this picture if for YOU!

"Why is there another baby under me and why is she beautiful yet so unhappy?"

New Penny things:
  • She's started to say "da-da". Wonderful for Jeff.
  • Solid formula-drinker which means no more nursing for me. Yay!
  • We can put little bows and barrettes in her hair-- people can actually tell she's a girl.
  • No interest in crawling, but she really likes sitting (or plopping as Clara likes to say) and it's REALLY NICE to not have to chase her around (yet.)
  • She likes finger foods and is pretty good at getting things in her mouth (I'd say it happens 84% of the time.)
Penny, 9 months-old means that you've officially been out of the womb longer than you were in it. They should make certificates for such accomplishments.


Bethany said...

The photographer did a great job of getting a variety of expressions from her! Love it!! My favs are #3 and #5 (counting from the top down). Oh, and her chub is simply delectable!!! It's so good that you have photos memorializing it!

DNA's Adventures said...

haha - i LOVE the commentary! do you have extra pics kathy??? i'd love to get one of the kiddos for our fridge/to take with us - tooooooo cute!

clarify said...

pen pen! that midget leather chair is hilarious.