Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A very stubborn little gal.

But, oh, how we adore her. :)

We're really really trying to get her to take the bottle. Lots of fussing, crying, pumping (for me) over here. 

If you think of us, please pray that Penny will take the bottle, that my body will get more used to not nursing so much, that Jeff will continue to be patient with both of us, and that Jonas will stay in his bed when he's supposed to.

Update: Thanks for praying! Penny's taken three bottles so far today! Yay! It's looking like I may be able to go to the Women's Retreat without her. Hooray! :)


Karen said...

i don't know why but she reminds me of her peacock...i think it's the hair. is she in her crib now? can you get my magic bullet?

young chao said...

Hang in there!!!!