Thursday, April 28, 2011

joy & contentment

For Christmas last year, a good friend of mine gave me this little pink book on Joy.

Initially, I wasn't SO excited about it... Maybe because my husband is so hard-core about theology and such, but it seems that devotional books, especially those that are pink and geared towards women, tend to be a bit fluffy and not enough Jesus.

I was totally wrong about this one. This is an instance in which you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

As recommended by Rondi Lauterbach (wife of Pastor Mark Lauterbach of Grace Church in San Diego), I've found it really helpful to start my "quiet time" in the mornings with a "Jesus appetizer"-- something short and sweet to just help me focus on Christ so that when I get into the Bible, I'm less distracted by the constantly-growing list of things I need to get done.

These books by Lydia Brownback have been perfect for that. The devotionals are short, sweet, and are VERY Jesus-focused. And God has really taught me so much about joy and contentment through the insights of this very wise and godly lady (thanks Ms. Brownback!)

Anyway, I've already recommended them to a LOT of people at Christ Church (seriously, I should be getting paid by the people at Crossway) but thought I'd throw these up on the blog as well because, like I said before, they're really really good. I'm now reading the Contentment one...

(In fact, they'd make GREAT Mother's Day gifts! Along with some flowers because flowers make everything extra special.)

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jo said...

i absolutely love this devotional too. :) hope you're well kathy! i mean it-- David and I miss you guys sooo much.