Friday, April 01, 2011

April goals

Sick Jonas, busy (and a bit stressed out) Jeff, almost-all-better-but-not-quite-100% Kathy, 7-month-old Penny = tired family. I am working on finding joy in relinquishing my self-reliance and casting all my anxieties on God who cares for us perfectly and knows each of our needs.

My goals for April:

  • clean up our backyard (pictures coming soon; it's a MESS and with the weather warming up, we'd love to make it into a space that we can hang out it and Jonas can play in)
  • blog my weekly menu plans (starting next week!)
  • make springtime/Easter outfits for the kids (I'm going to make them wear coordinating outfits as much as I can before Jonas starts to protest.)
  • have at least one 15+minute phone conversation each week with faraway friends (if you want to talk to me on the phone, let me know!)
I'm looking forward to doing work outside and learning how to do some gardening. I'm also excited to get back into a bit of sewing... my sewing machine has definitely been feeling a bit neglected.

Thanks for reading everyone! I can't believe it's already APRIL!!!


DNA's Adventures said...

can i help you with the garden/backyard?? i'd love to have something outdoorsy to do this month - and of course hang out with you =)

Kathy Locke said...

YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Come help us pull weeds please! :)

jyang said...

i don't get to read everyone's blog as often as i'd like but woman, you are seriously soo amazing! how do you do all this? you are so on top of everything! i tried to do a weekly menu but never seem to stick w/ it or i can't seem to plan well that way. maybe i should start that up again. it's prob also cuz i'm preggers and i REALLY don't feel like cooking. some day's i'm able to and others, it's take out night! u ROCK, i suck!

Kathy Locke said...

Jane- you're so sweet! And no way jose, you do NOT suck. :) There are definitely days that I'm really on top of nothing; like today, as I type this, I'm still in my pajamas!