Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sewing for Jonas: Felt Pizza!

Remember how I've been saying that I wanted to make/sew something for Jonas? It's definitely easier to make/sew toys for Penny (dolls are pretty easy to make), but I had a hard time when it came to Jonas.

I saw this tutorial and thought it was perfect for Jonas because he always wants to help when I'm making pizza. Oh, and it's made of felt. Felt is a non-perfectionist-quick-project-sewer's dream. :)

 I cheated a bit and didn't sew up the sauce or cheese parts. I made this on the LAST day of February in order to meet my month goal so this was definitely a quick & dirty kind of project. :)

The Lockes LOVE pizza!!!


Jane said...

omg Kathy you are SO CUTE!

Melissa said...

That is so cute!!! Makes me feel hungry for pizza now :)

amy said...

I love it- definately going to make this one for the kids