Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plan an awesome 30th birthday party-- Check!

I'm not 30 yet (my birthday's not until March 30), but we had an AWESOME March kids' birthday party this past Sunday. My goal for an awesome 30th birthday party: done and done!

 An 80s party... The Lockes really like costume parties.

Our church is really great! We love Christ Church

Most everyone dressed up...

The Mercados made this PacMac birthday cake...

We had our very own photobooth...

Here are the March birthday kids: Bethany, Jane, me, Dan, Allen, Scott and Gene! 

We got silly stringed!

The stars of the night, doing what they do best... dancing Michael Jackson's Thriller!!! 
(All that practice the night before paid off... I felt like a very proud tiger mother.)

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