Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A picture a day continued...

March 6: Butternut squash for Penny.

March 7: A family outing to the zoo (we're taking advantage of our last month of zoo membership!)

March 8: Why so big already?!

March 9: They both love tv too much.

March 10: Jeff loves being a daddy.

March 11: Anything can be toys-- including free flat-rate postage boxes from USPS. :) Jonas colors them and we build "the tallest towers".

March 12: This one's stolen from Karen's friend Christine... Nora! We LOVE you!!!

March 13 (not really though, actually the 12th again): Also stolen from Christine (she takes great photos!), we were really busy on Sunday with lots of church stuff.

March 14: We chased after the ever elusive Del Taco (the one Jeff and I could swear was right off the 5 fwy, before Tracy, but after Coalinga), settled for In-N-Out in Livermore.


clarify said...

i love how penny plops on the couch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss her!!!!

inee said...

Your babies look so big!! :)

Kathy Locke said...

Hi Inee! Yes. The babies are much too big. It's oh so very sad.

Jane said...

love the last 2 photos of jonas! he is so handsome!