Monday, March 21, 2011

more pictures...

 March 15: We've started cloth diapering Penny!

 March 16: Jonas was REALLY excited that the pretzel truck was outside while he was eating pretzels for his snack!

 March 17: We got to spend St. Patrick's day with Miss Maddy. Jonas gave Penny lots of hugs.

 March 18: Rainy days, pjs, and drool.

 March 19: Settlers, mini-pies with whipped cream, coffee, Michael Jackson, good conversations.

March 20: The 80s are awesome. (Hopefully, more pictures from our awesome March kids birthday party coming soon...)


Brinton&Sunny said...

kat youre crazy. how are the cloth diapers?
nehoos, looks like you had a blast for your bday! happy 30th!

Kathy Locke said...

Cloth diapers are AWESOME. I lucked out an found a bunch for cheap on craigslist... and I haven't had to buy Penny diapers all month! Woohoo... I wish I had done cloth diapering with Jonas, then maybe he'd be potty trained already. :)