Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ok. The real Day 3: Homegroup

Here's what I actually wore yesterday (Day 3) to homegroup. It's been COLD here and I busted out my toggle coat.

I'm wearing a denim dress (that doesn't count as jeans, right?) from H&M via Buffalo Exchange, heather grey leggings from I don't know where, cream toggle coat that's actually a little boy's coat from the thrift store ($6!), brown vintage lace-up booties from Ebay and a JCrew striped scarf. (I like how Jonas has thrown himself onto the bed in this picture...This picture is such a real representation of my life!)

This is pretty fun! It's getting a bit more difficult to find things to wear because of the unpredictable weather and mostly because I have to wear nursing-friendly clothes. So, sadly, a lot of my dresses are not options (it's SUPER awkward nursing in a dress that doesn't button up the front because then you have to hike the whole thing up!!!)

Thanks for reading along and the encouragement! :)


Karen said...

ummmm yeah...and i like how he's rockin' the pink stroller. can you man up my nephew please? at least paint it black or something.

clarify said...

i wore my toggle jacket too!

judy said...

Looking good!!