Monday, February 28, 2011

Good-bye February...

I canNOT believe that it's the last day of February.

It was a very busy month and I only completed one of my goals. :(

Here they are again:

  • Read a novel: I did half of this, reading Great House by Nicole Krauss. I LOVED The History of Love, but couldn't get into a rhythm with this one... determined to finish by the end of this week though. 
  • NO jeans for a week. (probably the week of 2/13-- that one's going to be hard!): YAY! Thanks Clara for doing this with me. Totally kept me motivated during that rainy, cold week when all I wanted to do was wear a nice warm pair of denim. 
  • Sew something for Jonas: Working on it right now!!! Pictures up when I'm done. 
  • Get Penny to take the bottle: Nope. Not even close. 
February was super busy. I can't even recount all the things that kept us so busy. But we got to end the month with an amazing trip to Lake Tahoe with our friends. Even though it took us TEN hours to get up there (poor Jonas), getting to spend two nights and days with new and old friends was totally worth it. Some pictures from our trip:

 Jonas's verdict on snow: "I don't like it that snow." He didn't like that it was cold. We tried to warn him.

 Lots of sleeping in the car. This was on the way back, which only took us 4 hours. The trip there was dark and snowy and long and painful-- I chose not to take pictures of our whining, sad, miserable, crying babies. :(

(As you can probably tell by the lack of pictures, I didn't do a very good job of taking them during our trip. Much too busy relaxing and having fun.)

Tomorrow begins a new month which means new goals! I've already written them out and will share them tomorrow.

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