Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February already?!

So January has come and gone. It was busy, full of celebrating (Jeff's 29th birthday!), eating with friends, talking with Jonas, sleeping and not sleeping (Penny's responsible for that one), working on new and exciting projects, planning, crafting, cooking...

I was not great at accomplishing all of goals from last month. I did ok with drinking more water during the day, until I lost my water bottle :( I also have a freezer meal made and ready to go, but have yet to deliver it to a random (actually, I already know who it's going to) friend. I made a doll for Penny, but ran out of time to make anything for Jonas. But, yay! I tried out new recipes!

Hopefully, February's goals will be a bit easier to accomplish. Here they are!
  • Read a novel. (Suggestions welcomed!)
  • NO jeans for a week. (probably the week of 2/13-- that one's going to be hard!)
  • Sew something for Jonas. (I'm carrying over this one from last month.)
  • Get Penny to take the bottle.
(BTW: As you can tell from the past month's photos, we still haven't found our cable to upload our photos to the computer from our camera. Photobooth has been our friend, but I'm hoping we get a new cable sooooooon!)

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Rebekah said...

How funny is it that I think every item on this list is HUGE. LOL! And two of your items I wouldn't even contemplate ... the sewing and no jeans. Maybe you should get a pair of those pajama jeans? ; )

If you haven't read "The Help", that was my favorite book last year. So, so good!