Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3 (kind of): Church

The weather's being crazy here in SF (sunny, hailing, raining, windy-- all at the same time!) and I have a bunch of stuff to do at home (sewing, making things with doilies, etc.) so I don't think I'll leave the house until homegroup tonight. I will make sure to snap a picture of what I'm wearing later, but I'm going to cheat a bit and post my Sunday outfit today. (Sorry to those of you who already saw me in this outfit at church!)

I'm wearing a super-old green cardigan from the thrift store, Tucker for Target polka-dot blouse that my sister got for me for $6!, Forever 21 skirt, J.Crew tights, and Swedish Hasbeen clogs that I coveted for months and months and finally found at Crossroads for $20!!!

Like I mentioned before, I usually put a bit more thought into what I'm going to wear for church, just because it's the only time that I feel at liberty to be a bit more dressed up (who wants to dress up to go to the rec center for toddler gym time? Not me!).

Good thing sweatpants are not jeans. Or I'd probably have to just walk around the house and sew tablerunners in my underwear.

Clara, what are you wearing today???


Leah said...

super cute polka-dots! :)

DNA's Adventures said...

Haha - Kathy you are too funny - yes, it's a wonderful thing sweatpants exist ;) And I LOVE these posts...I think I'm going to steal your goal setting idea!

young chao said...

You so good!! I have no inclination to wear anything but my leggings and my oversized shirts from pregnancy. I might need to be on that show "what not to wear".

clarify said...

I covet your shoes!!! I can't believe you got them for so cheap.

Are you going to post the outfit you wore today, later tonight?

Kathy Locke said...

Yeah. I'm going to post my outfit for today tomorrow. :)

Young. You crack me up.