Thursday, January 20, 2011

Progress during the 10th hour.

Today, after Jonas's room time and before we go out for a walk, Jonas played with legos*:

And I made progress towards my monthly goals with a doll for Penny, totally handmade with uneven and crooked arms and pigtails:

*Totally cute Jonas fact: He calls anything tall and tower-like, like the monochromatic lego towers he made above, the "Eiffel Tire". He told me that he made "lots and lots and LOTS of Eiffel Tires!"


Bethany said...

I heart the pigtails!!!!! Such a cute doll!!!

Rebekah said...

Jeff must be pleased that he calls them Eiffel Tires. Ha Ha! No Empire State Buildings or TransAmerica Pyramid? C'mon!

Bethany Thompson said...

Kathy you're a superstar! I want to make my own toys...and give them to other people's kids. =)